About T-Summit

Increasingly, the literature points to the need for individuals with abilities that transcend the usual boundaries of disciplines. Employers are placing increasing importance on competencies that allow young professionals to handle information from multiple sources, advance professional relationships across organizations, contribute innovatively to organizational practices, and communicate with understanding across social, cultural, economic and scientific boundaries. Individuals with these abilities have been referred to as "hybrids," "boundary spanners," or "T-shaped professionals."

Michigan State University's Collegiate Employment Research Institute and IBM's Global University Programs have been collaborating with leaders from industry, academia, government, foundations, professional associations and other stakeholders to design innovative educational models that foster the development of T-shaped abilities and stimulate research on T-shaped-ness.

Tomorrow's talent will build their professional careers in a globally interconnected, rapidly changing world accelerated by smarter technologies. Participants in this first T-Summit will share perspectives on future talent needs and develop a blueprint for action that extends the national conversation on transforming undergraduate education.